Want to see 2012: Time For Change in your town?

Host a Screening

Hosting your own screening of 2012: Time for Change can be a great way to meet and network with those in your community who are concerned about the issues presented in the film and interested in seeking solutions. Alternative screening spaces such as community centers, art galleries, or yoga studios are a great way to create an event around your screening.

Promoting your event is an important part of making it successful. We can provide you with posters, customized e-flyers and a press release. This can also be a great way to find sponsors for your screening. Local meditation centers, yoga studios, book stores, co-ops, churches and their respective publications might be great places to contact.

Licensing the film from us involves a sliding-scale flat-fee for a single screening depending on the size of your screening. You may choose to charge for tickets or collect donations to defray the cost of the licensing fee. The fee includes USPS shipping of DVD(s) posters, the addition of your screening to our website, Facebook page & Twitter.

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