It's Time for Change - How can you be a part of it?

We think that 2012: Time for Change can be a catalyst for real change, but we can't do it alone. We need the help of volunteers to spread the word.

Become a member of the 2012: Time for Change street team, host a screening in your hometown, or ask your local theater to play the film. Get involved!


We readily admit that 2012: Time for Change is a teaching tool as well as a piece of propaganda masquerading as a somewhat slick, somewhat street, feature documentary. The secret purpose of 2012: Time for Change is to get you to look at your world differently, and to begin to participate in a conscious movement toward personal and social transformation. What we believe ? and continue to learn from sometimes painful personal experience ? is that we can?t hope to make the world better place unless we start within, learning to nurture our own soul and spirit. Among other objectives, 2012: Time for Change wants you to become your own coach and spiritual adviser, taking good care of yourself.

Throughout history innumerous practices have been developed by different cultures, to align mind, body, spirit, and soul. In this section you will find information on techniques, courses, retreats, and other endeavors that may help you along your personal path. The 2012: Time for Change project has partnered with a number of places and projects that we believe have the highest standards. The roster that follows will be updated with new offers and openings, as time goes on. Be the change you seek!

2012 Time for Change likes to quote, ?The deed creates the doer??. In the modern world, humanity cut itself off and became alienated from nature. At this point in time, in order to attain a higher level of consciousness, we need to realign ourselves with the natural world. While it is pointless to romanticize indigenous cultures, they have long practiced techniques that allowed them to live in harmony with their environment. During the 20th century, several new fields developed that synthesized this ancient wisdom with our modern scientific approach. By studying and observing Nature, we can find many of the solutions we need for the proper operation of our beautiful spaceship earth. In this section you will find information about courses in permaculture, ecological construction, bioremediation, and more. Evolve to Solve!

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