In-Depth Review of Amino Prime Male Performance Supplement

Feb 19th, 2014 by admin in Health

When you are serious about gaining lean muscle mass and eliminating unnecessary body fat, combining a hard workout with the right supplement can make all the difference. As men throughout the fitness world are discovering, Amino Prime is a supplement that delivers on its promises. Based on anabolic performance enzyme technology, Amino Prime has increased energy levels, boosted endurance and cut recovery time after workouts for those using it.

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What is Anabolic Performance Enzyme Technology?

Better known as APET, this revolutionary leap in supplement usage now claims to have one’s body build muscle and burn calories faster and longer than ever before. With its claims to build more muscle while burning 25 percent more calories 24/7, Amino Prime has become very popular with bodybuilders, athletes and others seeking to improve their fitness levels. While burning fat is important, it’s even more important to be burning the right kind of fat. With Amino Prime, those who use the supplement are reportedly able to burn as much as 18 percent more fat as visceral fuel. While one’s body can only break down up to 20 percent of ingested protein, using Amino Prime will enable a person to assimilate all of their protein supplements, helping them feel and look more youthful.

What Should I Expect?

For those using Amino Prime, a number of benefits have been reported. Increased muscle growth, shorter recovery times between workouts or games, burning body fat and much more has been claimed. And apparently, all the benefits are not limited to time in the gym. Amino Prime is also geared toward helping men increase their libido and performance in the bedroom, allowing them and their partner to have a more satisfactory experience together. The goal of Amino Prime is to help men reach their full potential in the gym, the bedroom and on the playing field.

Is Amino Prime the Fountain of Youth?

While it may not be a fountain of youth, Amino Prime has certainly provided a way for many people to feel younger, look younger and act younger. As HGH becomes more popular with athletes and those seeking to stimulate their body’s muscle growth and metabolism, Amino Prime has been able to take the benefits of HGH and put them into a supplement form. One of the most visible claims of Amino Prime’s power comes from Dr. Richard Hawkins, former team doctor for the NFL’s Denver Broncos. According to Dr. Hawkins, HGH has made a huge impact in cutting recovery time from surgery, injuries and normal wear and tear. For those using Amino Prime, whether middle-aged or in their 20’s or 30’s, the idea of looking better and feeling better is very much reality.

As the emphasis on maintaining one’s youthfulness later in life continues, Amino Prime offers a way to help people increase their growth hormone levels in a safe and quick fashion. For those serious about their health and their bodies, this supplement is offering them the chance to become the best possible competitor.