The Lowdown on Toe Nail Infections

Mar 6th, 2014 by admin in Health

Toe nail infections are more common than most people realize. Around eight percent of people will experience fungal infection of the nail at some point in their lives. Many people who experience this common problem are embarrassed about it, but there is no reason to be. The good news is that toe nail infections are treatable. Here is a look at everything sufferers need to know about these unsightly infections in their toe nails.

toe nail infection

How Toe Nail Infections Are Caused

One of the most common ways that toe nail infections occur is when they spread from a fungal skin infection like athlete?s foot. They can also be spread in public showers and swimming pools. A toe nail that has been damaged is more likely to be infected than a healthy toe nail. People who have feet that are in water a lot are more likely to develop infections as well.

Symptoms of Toe Nail Infections

These infections can be very ugly to behold. One of the most common symptoms is a yellowing of the nail. The yellowing often occurs in steaks. The nail can often grow thicker and misshapen. The nail can also become brittle. Sometimes the nail falls off due to the infection.

Treating Toe Nail Infections

Because these toe nail infections can be so unpleasant to look at, sufferers want to treat them as quickly as possible. Soaking the nail for 20 minutes twice a day in apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment. Some people also swear by applying Vicks Vapo Rub to the nail at night as a home remedy.

The most effective means of treatment is to consult with a physician. Physicians will prescribe anti-fungal medications that are very powerful to treat the condition. These anti-fungal medications are both topical and oral. Using both at the same time is the most powerful way to treat a fungal infection in the toe nails.

In cases of severe infection, the physician may decide that surgical removal of the infected nail is the best course of action. This is combined with anti-fungal medication to keep the new nail from developing an infection as it grows back.

When treating toe nail infection, it is very important to keep the toes dry. Fungus thrives in moist conditions. Wearing open-toed sandals is a great way to keep the area dry.

Preventing Toe Nail Infections

The best way to prevent toe nail infections from reoccurring is to practice good foot hygiene. This means always wearing shower shoes when using public showers and pools. Also, never share shoes or socks with other people. Also, preventing injury to the toe nails is also important. One of the most common ways that people injure their toes is by cutting the nails too short. Take care when cutting the toe nails to keep this from starting an infection.